cut out

ADJ: usu with brd-neg, v-link ADJ, ADJ for n, ADJ to-inf
If you are not cut out for a particular type of work, you do not have the qualities that are needed to be able to do it well.

I left medicine anyway. I wasn't really cut out for it...

He doesn't feel he is cut out to be a leader.

1) PHRASAL VERB If you cut something out, you remove or separate it from what surrounds it using scissors or a knife.

[V P n (not pron)] Cut out the coupon and send those cheques off today...

[V n P] I cut it out and pinned it to my studio wall.

2) PHRASAL VERB If you cut out a part of a text, you do not print, publish, or broadcast that part, because to include it would make the text too long or unacceptable.

[V P n (not pron)] I listened to the programme and found they'd cut out all the interesting stuff...

[V P n (not pron) from/of n] Her editors wanted her to cut out the poetry from her novel...

[V P n (not pron) from/of n] Several extraneous prefaces were cut out of the prayer book at the beginning of the eleventh century. [Also V n P]

cut, omit
3) PHRASAL VERB To cut out something unnecessary or unwanted means to remove it completely from a situation. For example, if you cut out a particular type of food, you stop eating it, usually because it is bad for you.

[V n P] I've simply cut egg yolks out entirely...

[V P n (not pron)] We will be pressing ahead with our policies on privatisation, deregulation and cutting out waste...

[V P n (not pron)] A guilty plea cuts out the need for a long trial.

4) PHRASAL VERB (feelings) If you tell someone to cut something out, you are telling them in an irritated way to stop it. [INFORMAL]

[V n P] Do yourself a favour, and cut that behaviour out...

[V it P] `Cut it out, Chip,' I said...

[V P n (not pron)] He had better cut out the nonsense.

5) PHRASAL VERB If you cut someone out of an activity, you do not allow them to be involved in it. If you cut someone out of a will, you do not allow them to share in it.

[V n P of n] Environmentalists say this would cut them out of the debate over what to do with public lands...

[V n P of n] `Cut her out of your will,' urged his nephew...

[be V-ed P] He felt that he was being cut out. [Also V P n (not pron)]

6) PHRASAL VERB If an object cuts out the light, it is between you and the light so that you are in the dark.

[V P n (not pron)] The curtains were half drawn to cut out the sunlight. [Also V n P]

7) PHRASAL VERB If an engine cuts out, it suddenly stops working.

[V P] The helicopter crash landed when one of its two engines cut out.

8) See also , cut out
to have your work cut outsee work

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